How Sav sees it!

Picture this. A normal guy with a mind that runs a mile a minute! Can you imagine all the fun?!!!

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Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

Pentatonix so goooood! brennensavon NEEDS TO LISTEN TO IT!

He knows me so well!!!!

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Helga’s thirst was so fucking real.

I love how helga’s fantasy wasn’t just “get arnold” it was “Be wildly succesful and have immense amounts of power and oh also be married to arnold”

Goodness! She was parched. She could have swallow the Sahara and it still wouldn’t match her thirst for Arnold.

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So what your telling me is that the sexy daddy satan in a v-neck is really sexy SUGAR daddy satan in a v-neck?!


I want you to be honest with me. Have you been time traveling? Because if time traveling is real, I’m done. I’m out. You’ll have to take me to Eichen House.
— Sheriff Stilinski (via lovetheblazer)

I will never not reblog this.

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…….But thats non of my business



…….But thats non of my business


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Teen post idea provided by tweekieshy

Young O Brien

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Peter what the fuck are doing with that much money? Wait, no, scratch that. What the fuck are you doing in beacon hills with that much money?!


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Where’s my spark? :(

So I was reading the City of Heavenly fire and one line stuck out to me. It said, “Heaven had given to mundanes, artistry and the gift of creation.” As I read that I thought of all my friends, who are directing plays, movies, and videos for YouTube. The novel and fiction writers. The composers and musicians that make their own music. The playwrights among my company. Around them I feel so out of my league. Every time, I’ve gone to write a story, make a video, mold a sculpture or ceramic art, or even draw a picture, I pull blanks on something that I can create or reinvent. Something that I can look at and say, “Wow! That’s something that I made.” People say that I’m talented but I don’t feel talented. All is have the gift of is mimicry. I LONG TO CREATE!!

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Please watch this I’m in tears


What the actual fuck.

NOOOOOO!!!!!! Lol I can’t. I think this is the best video ever lol

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